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by PersonalFinancialHelp.com

Every now and then a disgruntled homeowner that is facing foreclosure will trash the house, so that whoever buys it will have to put a lot of money into it. At the time, it might feel good to the homeowner to take out his/her frustrations out on the house, but in the end the bank will either file a claim with the homeowner's insurance carrier, or sue for the loss caused by the vandalism. The house will go into the home foreclosure listings, and the use-to-be homeowner will have to deal with the damage done to the property. For this reason, a buyer should always inspect the properties on the home foreclosure listings before making plans to buy them.

If you are interested in a home found on the home foreclosure listings, go visit the property. Take a pen, notebook, and camera to the property and take notes and photos of the property. This method will help you keep track of all the properties you inspect. Take note of any evidence of vandalism, as well as the over all condition of the home and the land it is sitting on.

It is quite possible to save as much as 30 percent by buying homes from home foreclosure listings; however, it is essential that you know that you are truly getting a bargain. Saving $20,000 on a home wouldn't be worth it if you have to sink $50,000 back into it for repairs and renovations. Home foreclosure listings are very helpful in locating homes, but they don't tell you if the homes have been vandalized by the owner. There may be holes punched into the walls, broken windows, and missing light fixtures when you go to the property to inspect it. The cost of this damage will be passed on to the person that eventually buys the house, so a rule of them is to never buy a foreclosure property sight unseen.

Home foreclosure listings are available at any bank's REO (real estate owned) department. You can also go online and find home foreclosure listings on the Internet. Type the words home foreclosure listings into your search engine and you will find page after page of websites that advertise them. The Yahoo search engine will take you to the Yahoo real estate website; it lists the homes, and the street they are located on, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and the real estate company that is handling that property.

Locating the homes is made easy when you have the Internet at your disposal; it may take some time to purchase a home in foreclosure, if the bank hasn't taken possession of the property. You may be dealing with just the bank, or you may also be dealing with the seller of the property if the bank has not already taken possession of it. By being patient, and making visual inspections of the property on the home foreclosure listings, you may be able to save yourself a significant amount of money, compared to buying a home on the open real estate market.